Hi there, I'm Madhu!

I am a software engineer, tech community leader, and diversity activist.

I am a third year honors student at Rutgers University, majoring in computer science and cognitive science. I am motivated and inspired by technology's ability to enrich individuals and empower communities.

Currently, I am exploring the intersection of technology, leadership, and social good by teaching others about programming fundamentals and breaking entry barriers by organizing CS diversity initiatives.

I have a deep passion for empowering people and enabling ideas.

Currently supporting ideation and creation as Director of HackRU, Rutgers University's bi-annual hackathon, hosting 1,000 attendees over 30 hours. This October, HackRU XVII will be my sixth HackRU.

Passionate about making tech a more inclusive place, I am also the Director of HackHers, Rutgers' annual women-centric hackathon. I create a space in which women can explore tech culture and be empowered to create with code.

Building a strong Rutgers tech community for women as President of Women in CS. I spearheaded a mentorship program with 100+ students and help plan and organize 8-10 events each month to increase diversity and inclusion and improve female retention rates in tech.

As part of the undergraduate student government (Rutgers University Student Assembly), I serve as Secretary of RUSA Student Allocations. I distribute funds from the Student Assembly’s budget of roughly $1.5 million to over 400 student organizations in an impartial manner.

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