Last updated: Feb 2021
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I'm Madhu, a NYC native with broad interests across politics, film, women's health, human behavior, and ethical technology. Currently, I work on a special projects team at Apple, contributing to feature development and operations management. On the side, I volunteer on the data-tech team for Yang for New York campaign, focusing on data analytics and policy visualizations; and on the policy research team for Humanity Forward, analyzing data on various issues like UBI and stimulus relief. Previously, I interned at Apple, Aldyn, Visa, and MultiPlan. Before all that, I studied computer science and cognitive science at Rutgers University where I was a course instructor, founder/president of 3 students organizations, research assistant, and honors scholar.

I am deeply interested in connecting the dots between product and policy in both the private and public sector, most specifically the shaping and implementation of responsible innovation policies. I believe that collaboration between tech companies and policymakers is vital in addressing many of society's most pressing challenges. Long term, my ambition is to bridge the gap between the tech sector and government agencies by understanding the intersection between corporate and social responsibility and leveraging technology for the common good.

One of my ongoing personal interests is to more deeply understand the cognitive and psychological factors that impact behavior and decision making, to construct a narrative of the people, events, moments, and experiences that have shaped the world. That, and reading books, mastering French, writing with non-dominant hand, and checking off films from my Letterboxd.

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